10 Most Exciting Routes That Will Make Your Journey More Memorable

While going to the different places for a holiday, many of us miss out the excitement of the trip on the road even though it is the essential part of the whole vacation. There are so many thrilling routes from where we travel, or we aren’t aware of which can also light up and make the trip unforgettable.

Who doesn’t like to take the adventure of the weird and dangerous routes all over the world to reach the particular destination?

Here’s presenting some of the exciting roads around the world that will make your whole vacation memorable for all your life.

1. Netherlands – Saba Airport

The reason for being this weirdest place is because of its runway which is only 400 meters short. Just the simple mistake of the pilot and all of the passengers are gone. So, a pilot needs to be very careful.

2. Thailand – The death railway

From the name itself you may identify that how thrilling the journey from the train would be. Your heart will get stuck as the train will take a turn. The track was built during World War 2 and passes through the middle of steep hills and forests. Many workers even died during the construction of the bridge.

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3. Afghanistan – Kabul: Jalalabad Road

This road even titled as the most dangerous one in the whole world and no doubt it justifies it. It runs through the territory of Taliban, and the way is also narrow with very sharp turns in it.

4. China – Guoliang Tunnel Road

It is the road of the mountain that has the height of 16 feet, and it is 13 feet wide. A car or bus ride on this route while going for the sightseeing can be memorable for the tourist. One needs to be careful as a single mistake can also take the life.

5. Saint Martin – Princess Juliana International Airport

Its landing sees some of the most prominent plans worldwide in spite of its arrival is impressive. It feels like the plane is going to crash on the beach and it is the beautiful experience for the passengers as well as the people on the beach.

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6. Argentina – Tren a las Nubes

It is one hell of a train ride that is located approximately 4000 meters above from the sea and also it is not straight. It is curvy, and after watching out of the window, your heart may skip a bit.

7. Thailand – The Maeklong Railway

You might have gone through different experiences while traveling on a train but this is something that flies near to the locality with so much population with the shops at a touching distance. If the train is slow, you can also buy some grocery things.

8. Alaska – The James W. Dalton Highway

It is 414 long wide roads which have a never-ending route. By going from this, you will experience snow covered paths, cold winds, and your vehicle might also get a break.

9. Siberia – Vitim River Bridge

It is a 6 feet long bridge with no fences or railings. It is only made of wood. A bike ride on it can be dangerous.

10. Antarctica – Antarctica Airport

If you want to experience something dangerous in your life, go to Antarctica. In this airport, there’s no runway for the planes to get down. The weight of the aircraft can also crack the sheet of ice. You may even get stuck in the snow.

If you haven’t experienced till now, explore now.

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