7 Most Brutal Torture Devices That Have Been Created For Humanity

Torture is considered as a means to punish someone or perhaps cross-question a victim. Throughout the history, people have come up with various methods of torture that can easily give you the Goosebumps. So, here is the list of torture devices that have been created by human to torture or abuse:-

1) Tongue Tearer

This device is used to tear the tongue of the victim, and it is considered as one of the most brutal torture devices. The mouth of the victim is first forced to open using a similar device known as mouth opener, and then the tongue of the victim is grabbed using a very firm grip. Finally, the tongue is torn apart using the device, and the victim is given a hell of a life.

2) Iron Maiden device

It is considered as an ancient torture device, and it is also known by the name iron cabinet. The device is conical in shape, and the interior of the device has a lot of steel spikes present in it. The victim who is to be punished is forced into the device, and the door is further closed. The victim would slowly die since the spikes would pierce the body of the victim.

3) Spanish Donkey

This ancient torture device is made for killing the victim very slowly and steadily. The victim is placed on the device, and it seems the victim is sitting on the donkey. Furthermore, the legs of the victim would be tied with weights such that it pierces the body of the victim through the sharp edge present in the device.

4) Thumb Screw

Thumb screw is an ancient device that was made initially to cross-question a victim or perhaps extracts the truth from the victim. The process involves crushing the fingers and toes of the victim and probably smash the knees, heads, and elbows of the victim. It is considered to be one of the brutalized means of punishment.

5) Neck torture device


This device is considered to be one of the brutal ways to victimize a person. In this, the person is hanged using this device due to which the victim experiences great pain and perhaps it gets difficult for him to adjust in this position. Furthermore, the victim is left starving for days without the aid of water, food or sleep.

6) Heretics Fork


The following device has two forks being attached to a strap. Moreover, the victim has hung above, and further, the following device is inserted in the neck of the victim. Due to severe pain, the victim drops his head, and then the forks that are present in the device are pierced through the chin and the chest which leads to a lot of pain and even death.

7) Guillotine

The Guillotine is considered as a very deadliest torture devices. The following device comes up in a wooden frame which is attached to hope and perhaps a sharp blade at the top. The head of the victim is placed inside the frame, and then the blade present at the top is dropped which results in the death of the victim as a cause of beheading.

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