8 Things Americans Don’t Realize Are Weird

There are some of the things that most of the Americans do but don’t understand that they are funny entirely. From crazy stuff to some other things, they do something that most of the people won’t do. Let’s look at some of the weird stuff that Americans do, but they don’t realize.

1) The commercial breaks on television

In every five minutes, the audience will end up watching more and more advertisements. There are so many breaks in between that even the show of 40 minutes ends up lasting for about 1 hour. In this massive gap, even the audience will lose their interest. All you’ll do is watch the stupid ads.

2) Air conditioners everywhere, even in the winters

You don’t get them wrong also there are 109 degrees out, AC for them is like the blessing, and they can’t just survive without that. But is it essential to take a lot of heat to 45 degrees indoors? Can’t they just find the ground in between wrapping themselves in the blanket with a day at work?

3) They are obsessed with cold icy water

The more you’ll live in the United States, the more you’ll like the chilled water. It is incredible in the summers, but here restaurants serve the glass that is loaded with ice even in January. Do you want to feel colder when it is cold outside?

4) American flags all around

Everyone knows its United States, why is there need of flags everywhere? Just in case, you aren’t sure about in which state you are in; you can take a look at all the flags everywhere.

5) Laws get change from state to state

In one city of the country, you can take a left on the red light, but you can’t do this in another state. In some of them, consumer fireworks are not allowed, while in some of them it is okay to go for. Why is this so?

6) Waiters ask every time if you are okay

If something is not right, the customer will let you know. You can choke right in front of their eyes, and they wouldn’t pay any attention to you in that.

7) The never-ending size of cars

Why is everything so big at this place? In many countries, usually the size of the vehicle is normal, small or tiny, but in this one, you’ll only find the large cars, generally bigger. There’s no person that doesn’t own these big cars, or rather say tractors or trucks.

8) Medicine stores where you may fill your cigarettes as well as beer with the medicine drugs

Selling the cause of disease and also the cure of it, both at the same store is cynical and even savvy. This is so crazy as well as weird. I mean, how can anyone sell medicines as well as cigarettes and alcohol both at the same store?

So, now you know how crazy the Americans are. Well, nothing can be done about this. We can only laugh at it.

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