After dying, women came back to life with this beautiful message for humanity.

Anita Moorjani, who was suffering from terminal cancer, went to coma; she just had few hours left of her life.

Her story is something from which many people face similar experience all over the world. During the coma stage, she talks about understanding and experiencing why she got a disease like cancer at first place.

Anita was also clear and understanding her life with the reason of living on earth. She already sensed some of her relatives and loved ones who passed away. They all were talking and was guiding her.

She had the choice of choosing between whether she wants to get back or not and then she decided to return when she thought that heaven is not a place to live but a state.

This leads to incredible and complete recovery of Anita. Her talk will motivate you to change your life by enjoying life more peacefully, discovering the most significant passions about life, knowing your fears and living with joy.

Her story will genuinely alter your new beliefs about oneself, your reason to stay here on earth, relationships, health, and life.

In this talk show, she shares her unbelievable story with everyone, and it’s a must watch.

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