Do you remember the bodybuilder of age 10 with six pack abs? This is how he looks now

Child prodigies are known to lose their way as the progress goes on in adulthood. Some of them go back to the regular life, and some feel burdened with their talent, and many of the potential children have either left the things that have made them famous or killed themselves.

Today, let’s take a look at one child talent who made headlines 20 years ago in the US, all thanks to his body and unique looks, little bodybuilder, Richard Sandrak. Let’s check what he is up to now and if he still has that killer body.

The child superman, Richard Sandrak

The boy was born in the year 1992 in Ukraine. His mother Lena was the instructor of aerobics and father Pavel was the champion of martial arts. They shifted to the USA in Pennsylvania to get the better life. Richard, who was just in diapers made to train with his father just from the age of 3 with aerobics and little stretching as well as a regimen of acrobatics.

After growing a little bit, he started doing weight training. After this, he started getting attention and after the family shifted to California; his father hired a professional trainer for Richard to give him the shape of a bodybuilder.

Richard’s complicated life and immense popularity

The primary purpose here was to make Richard the center of attraction as no one would have ever seen the young bodybuilder before. When he got eight years old, he efficiently used to press 220 lbs. He got famous right after his photos went viral on internet and people began to love him by thinking not even the veterans can do this.

When he got 11, Richard was named as the most energetic boy. But, every story has the ugly turn. Rather than playing with friends at this age, he used to do around 600 pushups in a day with 400 squats and sit-ups. He started to travel the world doing various shows and promoting different products of health.

Father of Richard was a hard trainer

His father and trainer used to train him a lot. He strictly had to follow his diet routine and wasn’t allowed to take pizzas, burgers, soft drinks or any snack that children’s take. He never had friends and even didn’t have the typical childhood. His trainer also told that he wasn’t allowed to eat pizza, but his father used to eat in front of him. He only used to have vegetables and healthy food.

According to Richard, ‘I never got forced to do anything, it was my choice of doing it, and it was never the issue for me.’

What is he up to now?

When he got 11, his father became the wanted man as he was involved in criminal activities. Richard and his mother got separated from him, and his father even got arrested when his father assaulted his mother. Richard got famous for his role in the movie ‘little Hercules’ that came in 2009.

After some of the television shows and small roles, he stopped doing bodybuilding, and when he got of 24, he started working at Universal Studios as a stuntman. He doesn’t lift weights now, but he is still in shape.

He is still working as a stuntman in Hollywood movies

Richard is still working with Universal as a stuntman. He doesn’t do lifting and instead get him set on fire, leaps off the building and performs different stunts for stars. Richard feels his job is best than anything else.

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