Have A Look At These Rules That Make A Princess’ Life A Bit Difficult

Here are the list of Regulations that made the life of a princess difficult than any normal girl

The phase of the princess is something from which every little girl goes through in their childhood days. It is becoming like a trend of culture which includes elegance, beauty, and royalty, but in reality, it is something more than that, being the beauty with brains, these princesses have so many boundations and responsibilities on the head that they need to follow, no matter what.

One of the best among all is The Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Catherine Elizabeth Middleton who became royal when she married lawfully to Prince William The Duke of Cambridge in the year 2011 in the UK.

Let’s get to know some of the boundations or restrictions that the princesses can’t do their entire life.

1) They can’t consume mussels or oysters

The family of the royals is not allowed to eat all of these as it can be dangerous to health and can also be poisonous because these are the seafood that is the cause of many allergies.

2) No shiny nail paints

It is 100% true; the Princess isn’t allowed to apply any dark or red nail paint. She can only wear the two shades that are #423 Allur by Essie and #28 Rose Lunge by Bourjois.

3) She can’t give autographs

No person who is from the royal family is allowed to sign for anybody except on the essential documents as they are scared that the signs might get misused.

4) The official responsibilities of the Duchess

After her marriage and being the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate is responsible for a lot of social activities that aren’t the simple duty at all.

5) Shopping

With the high security everywhere with the royal family, the Duchess can’t shop in peace anywhere. She is always around with all her guards.

6) Fashion with the fur

Kate can only wear fur clothes occasionally and only if the animal died naturally.

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