Have A Look At These Rules That Make A Princess’ Life A Bit Difficult

Here are the list of Regulations that made the life of a princess difficult than any normal girl

7) Accounts on social media

It is pretty apparent that the families of the Royals aren’t allowed to be on any social media platform as they can’t open up their personal lives in the open.

8) Behaving calmly with her husband

The royal couple is concerned strictly with PDA, as they are the main attraction and they have to be respectful and graceful on how they both behave with each other in front of the public.

9) Holidays and trips

It is the rule that the family of the royals is meant to travel together anywhere they are going because of the safety measures of the family, but this is fading slowly with time.

10) Seating arrangements with royalty

There’s the specific seat for the royal people in public which is the only place where they have to sit on any of the occasion.

11) Nothing to do with politics

No member of the family is allowed to vote or do the campaigns for any government party or the parliament so that they don’t get in the ugly world of politics. They need to be always pure and neutral.

12) No freedom of choosing what to wear on their own

Whatever the princess wear is selected, designed and styled by the royal stylist of the Duchess. So, the privilege of wearing anything is long gone.

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