Here is the girl who has a face like a doll, but has a body that is quite surprising

Usually, girls are considered as feminists with the innocent faces, curvy and are supposed to be like a fragile human. But, now after looking at this girl who is 18 years old from Russia, you’ll get shocked. She has a face from which most of the actresses can get jealous and the body that will make the men weak to bend on their knees.

The girl has broken all the stereotypes about what the girls must do and what they must not do by getting in the sport which is male dominant. Know more about this Barbie who has muscles.

The girl who has pretty face

The girl who is mentioned here is Julia Vins, 18 years of age from Russia. She got popular with her beautiful looks and primarily because of the face that looks like a doll rather than the standard human. She is known as the ‘Muscle Barbie.’

Even when she was a little girl, she was beautiful and prettier than any other girl, and all of the boys used to get attracted to her. She has learned arts and music and was also good in academics, but she found out that everyone is talking only about her facial rather than the talents and coming out of it, she started weight training when she was 15.

Now, she only consumes 5-6 small meals of chicken, cheese, rice, eggs with lots of vegetables, but eats a lot one day in a week. She also loves to do makeup and even said that she does training and participate in various tournaments wearing make-up.

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Look at her athletic body now

After spending a lot of her time in gym coping with the talks of males, she found a goal in building her muscles and also found a coach who saw potential in her and even started to train her. Julia’s training paid off, and she won the lifting Championship in 2014 in Moscow. She has also won three world records, 180kg lifting in the squat, 165kg in deadlift and 105kg in the bench press.

She wants to become muscular as much as she can and also want to grow more significant. She has even acknowledged the attention that she gets from people. She said that everyone has a different opinion; they either like the work or taunts for being a muscle girl.

Julia also has the boyfriend Sergei, and he loves to train with his girl. She gives competition to many weightlifters, she is 165 cm tall and has the weight of 65 kgs with the biceps of 40.5 cms and chest 98 cms. Her waist is 66 cm and the thighs of 67 cm with the pelvis of 102 cm.

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