Honest Illustrations Show The Disgust Filled In Today’s Modern World.


The world is advancing in every way even in dishonesty and negativity. We live in a world of selfish-cum-fake people with most of them hiding their true identity, especially on social media platforms. This world is getting disgusting and there’s no denial in that. An artist, Luis Quiles has perfectly illustrated survival in this modern world. You agree to this or not but after looking at his wild illustrations you’ll definitely believe how worse our world has become. So hurry up have a look below.

Here are some Wild but honest illustrations reflecting the disgust filled in this modern world. Have a look! 

1. All people need is likes and attention


2. Creeps are everywhere


3. When people care more about their online messages


4. The power to rule all.


5. Our priorities talk about our world!


6. When there is no freedom in this modern world


7. Friiggin Paedophiles


8. Using emojis  and expressions to hide our true feelings


9. Neo-Nazism rising.


10. Yet hundreds of millions will go to bed unfed!


11. This is how people take care of themselves


12. A girl knows how to do her best


13. Her Assets


14.  Ok, but no need to show that


15. The game of fame on Instagram


16. Digusting, but a real picture of this modern world


17. The battle for power


18. It’s real, anything for money!


19. And she got 1 million followers in a day

Image source: Instagram

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