How Do Married Couples Living In Joint Families Manage To Get Intimate?

Some people have a misconception that after marriage things get easier. We mean you can get romantic and intimate whenever you want. But you CAN’T, if you live in a joint family, you know the struggles. And you tend to get worked up when you’re surrounded with people and can’t find privacy. You gotta get really innovative to steal your intimate moments. But there are some couples who manage to do the impossible.

Here are some experiences of couples in joint families!


1. If you’re a daughter in law, goodbye shorts, and skirts.


2. I can feel her pain!


3. And how many of those weekend trips would you take?


4. I couldn’t agree more.


5. And that’s why it’s really important to get a separate house so that husbands can be as much aggressive as he wants to!


6. Perks of living in a joint family!


7. Pity you, that you have to adjust!


8. Cause you don’t want people asking you questions as to where are you going, and for what. 


9. Something that one should indefinitely keep in mind. 


10.  When your marriage becomes an adventure.




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