Meet Kim Anami Who Weight Lifts All Kind Of Objects With Her Vagina!


Meet 44 years old Kim Anami, who weight lifts all kinda objects with her vagina, is also a sex and relationship expert, writer and speaker. Her words on love, life, and sex have been on the pages of Playboy, Elle, Glamour, Marie Claire and national radio and talk show with audiences around 7 million.

Kim Anami claims that weight lifting with the vagina is like yoga for her vagina, which results in having longer and better orgasms and increases blood circulation, reduces urinary incontinence and even makes it capable to shoot ping pong balls.

source: Kim Anami Facebook

Kim Anami says that weight lifts with vagina strengthens the pelvic muscle and gives women a sexual boost.


She does this by tying the object with a piece of string and this is in turn tied to a jade egg and then is inserted into her vagina.


She likes lifting items like tropical fruits, gluten-free organic donuts, and cold-pressed juices.


King Anami is also famous for bringing back the ancient art of vaginal kung fu to the masses.


She describes herself as a ‘Provocateur. Innovator. Illuminator. Catalyst. Quantum leap life and intimacy coach. Sexual muse. Liberation master. Pleasure philosopher.’


She could shoot ping pong balls from her vagina and describes it as ‘an essential life skill.’ In fact, she says, ‘it’s every woman’s god given right.’


Kim started practicing what she now calls “Vaginal Kung Fu”, about 20 years ago.


This technique is based on ancient Taoism, which women used around 5,000 years ago to strengthen the pelvic muscle and boost sexual pleasure.


Kim Anami wants other women to understand that their vaginas are capable enough to play ping pong balls.


Kim runs a series of online courses, on sex and relationships which she calls “salons”, including Vaginal Kung Fu, How to Be a Well-F**ked Woman, Coming Together for Couples and Sexual Mastery for Men. Her website also contains free videos to get you started!


Her 35,000 fans love her shows as she is very open on every subject and uses her expertise.


Kim says there are numerous health and emotional benefits when she weight lifts with her vagina.


Kim Anami has traveled the world showing her unique abilities and impressive vaginal muscles.


Women feel more connection with their sexual energy and it makes them feel alive, confident and stress-free.


She likes to lift tropical fruits and has lifted an Oscar with her vagina on Hollywood Boulevard.


Kim started with small items and worked her way to lifting such objects.


Kim says “Sex for me is a personal growth tool. It is healing, revitalizing and self-actualizing. It’s just part of a healthy lifestyle. I have always felt very aware of my sexual energy and had an interest in how to make sex even better.”


Kim Anami has embarked on a world tour, She announced the campaign, appropriately named, “#ThingsILiftWithMyVagina,” on her Instagram.


She looks for architecturally beautiful spots for better backgrounds.

photo credit: Instagram/@kimanami




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