Mind-blowing Tattoos In 3D That Will Blow Your Mind

5) Buttons on the belly

What is the best thing to draw attention away from the fat belly? You just need to turn it into the shirt with buttons. No doubt, the tattoo is fantastic but what if the man loses weight? Will this still fit him, or will the tattoo size look big?

6) Butterfly at the back

The best thing about this tattoo is the shadows as well as angles that are giving a 3D look that you won’t even believe. This artist added the depth and thought of making something different that most of them will struggle to achieve it with the regular palate. But, the pink effect on the wings of butterfly looks like a pretty spot too.

7) Cyborg

This looks like the arm of a cyborg and not just the tattoo. Using the orange color, this artist has managed to give the design of grayscale of metal some serious depth. The joint gears with the chest and shoulder are also something which is unique. The effects of lighting have also been provided.

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(Source: LifeBuzz)

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