‘Nude Yoga Girl’ is inspiring the world on Instagram

Ever since 2015 an unknown model has been sharing her ‘nude yoga’ pics on Instagram and inspiring a lot of people to do the same.

Gathering over 698,000 followers, the Instagram account of this  Nude Yoga Girl has been sharing photos that contain nude yoga positions but adjusted to comply with Instagram’s nipple rules and other regulations over nudity.

A heart at peace gives life to the body. ❤ #NYGyoga

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One question once a week… What are your favorite moments in a day? ❤

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"She wore a thousand faces all to hide her own." ❤

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The scars you can't see are the hardest to heal.❤

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She has inspired others to do the same and the hashtag #NYGyoga unveils a wide variety of body shapes and yoga poses.

I’ve hung onto this photo for awhile now. Waiting for when it felt right to share it, to share so much of myself. It also took a long time to be OK with it. I am still healing from past insecurities, the voice in the back of my mind telling me all the reasons why I should be ashamed of my body. _ But part of process of healing is to step out there. Not listen to the voice in the back of your mind, but to listen to your heart. Stretch marks, cellulite, rolls, little extra fat in places, none of that matters. Because we are beautiful. We are strong. _ I’m sure I’ll get some flack for this, how this is not Yoga or how it is all for vanity. As I always say, you cannot define yoga, and for me and moving through my insecurities, this is yoga because it has allowed me to do so. If you assume it is for vanity, don't worry as I won't take what you say personally since you do not know me. _ Pose inspired by one of my biggest inspirations @rivkayoga _ #camelpose #bodypositivity #loveandalliscoming #nygyoga

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'Body confidence doesn't come from trying to achieve the 'perfect' body, it comes from embracing the one you've already got'.. I love how much #nygyoga is trending now! Plus i love how i made in to a @cosmopolitanuk article! #yoga #yogaeverydamday #yogalove #yogaeverydamdaily #nakedyoga #bodyconfidence #chairtwist

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Muse: @figurativelyaurora "Can you imagine that An itch too sensitive to scratch A light that falls through the cracks An insect too delicate to catch? I hear the endless murmur Every blade of grass that shivers in the breeze And the sound, it comes to carry me Across the land and over the sea And I can't look up Fingers of love move down And I can't look back Fingers of love move down…" (Crowded House) Backup account: @dexellery2 . . . . . . #model #modeling #nygyoga #art #fineartphotography #photographer #nudeartmodel #editorial #photoshoot #dexelleryphoto #photographer #implied #modelmaterial #modelagency #modelingagency #sensualart #bodymood #bodyart #nudeartphotography #vintagelens #artnudephotography #socalboudoir #artmodel #nudeart #artnude #volomagazine #travelingmodel #nudeyoga #beachlife #yogainspiration #sensual

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? My #NYGyoga challenge ? Trust my first ever yoga challenege to involve nudity and nature ?? Yoga teaches that our bodies are sacred. Gifts from nature given to carry us through this life ? .We are not our body we are our soul. Yoga means union, when we strive to live in union with our mind and our body we learn to accept ourselves and love the skin we are in ? a never ending journey. Thank you @nude_yogagirl for inspiring people to see the body as art – I have never practiced nude in this spot and it was one of the most incredibly freeing experiences ☄ #yoga #nudeyoga #yogachallenege #bluemountains #nature #yogi #yogaeveryday #australia #sunset #beautiful #landscape #flexible #strong #art #body #skinlove #NYG #inspire #wildwoman #freedom

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