OMG: These List Of Crazy Guinness World Records That You Should Know

Here Are The Weirdest Guinness World Records That You Should Know

This isn’t the conventional or traditional as it looks like. It consists of many unique as well as exciting records from which you’ll see for more. Here are some of the most bizarre records on which some of you might also laugh. So, go through the craziest list.

1) Far distance to blow the pea

This guy might have been the genius while shooting balls in school. The boy named Andre Ortolf has so many records with his name, but this one was wacky as he blew the pea from the distance of 7.50 meters during the Germany event in 2014. He also has a record while running for 100 meters the fastest wearing the ski boots. What will he think of doing next?

2) She has the talent to crush melons with thighs

Yes, you read that right, her name is Olga Liaschuk. She is the most energetic woman belonging to Ukraine who has the record of breaking three watermelons in 14.66 seconds. Just imagine what she can do to the head of any man? At the event that took place in Milan, she broke the record worldwide in 2014. No doubt, she has got the thunder thighs.

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3) Making different faces

Ann Woods who is known to make several stupid and crazy faces. You might be thinking WTF? She has not only gained the world championship but also has the record of Guinness for winning this many times. She has won approximately 27-28 times since 1977.

4) Maximum straws took in mouth

Why would anyone take the straws in their mouth? No doubt, it is a talent to hold approximately 400 straws in the mouth for about 10 seconds without using hands; he is no other than Simon Elmore. This happened in Germany in the year 2009.

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