OMG: These List Of Crazy Guinness World Records That You Should Know

Here Are The Weirdest Guinness World Records That You Should Know

5) Many pegs of clothes clipped on face in a minute

This is something stupid and wacky. This was done by Silvio Sabba where he clipped 51 pins on his face in the year 2012. One can’t even imagine what his face would have been looking like after taking it off.

6) Broke seats of the toilet by head in a minute

Among the craziest records, this might consist of the participants who might be frustrated because why would any person bash that seat on the head? Kevin Shelly is the person who smashed 46 chairs in just a minute. This took place in the year 2007 on the show of Guinness in Germany.

7) First antenna that is implanted

This is something related to science. One must give all the credit to Neil Harbisson who is the first person in the whole world to place the antenna in the skull. This is used for the vibration to know about all the information to him or to remind him. He got recognition from this in the year 2017. Yes, last year in September.

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