People Posted Their New Tattoos Online Only To Realize They Made A Mistake

Tattoos are something more than body cravings. They are what people make as memories of something. Or in the memory of someone they love, or to remember a certain thing. There is no specific reason for that. And because everyone likes flaunting things, they post everything online. It could be there new possession or something won or anything you can think of. Now, this is not a bad thing. Neither is a tattoo. But what if you get a tattoo with some mistake and you realize it after you have posted a pic on your social media account? Sounds terrible, right?

Now, look, what some people did?

Have a look at some pics that people posted about their new tattoos online without realizing the mistake!

1. People, do a little research before getting any kind of tattoos.

2. That’s, one, savage comment! xD


3. How could someone be this dumb?

4. Well, let’s just say the person learned a grammar lesson.

5. Now, I’m sure you’re gonna get nightmares after seeing this!

6. Wait, what? So, people, beware and have patience while getting tattoos.

7. Hope this person had the powerful soul to tackle the turn of events.

8. Both he and the tattoo maker need some education!

9. That last comment indeed makes way more sense than this entire post. 

10. And, I can imagine the tattoo maker laughing his ass off. 

11. I have no idea if I should laugh at this or cry.

12. That last comment is hilarious.

13. The difference between then and than should be known by all.

14. Did you post a picture after 9 days? You should never have.

15. Maybe she wants a picnic table?

16. I wish I could have said that in a better way. 

17. I am dead sure that the person might have gone back to the tattoo parlor after he/she posted this online.

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