Pranks On Celebrities That Got Viral On The Internet

While anyone jokes on any star, it might be something exciting otherwise people think that it’s just a publicity stunt. You might also get sued for this. There are also the chances of getting ignored entirely from the audience.

Here is the list of instances where the pranks on celebrities have gone viral

1) Paris Hilton


When she was going on the tour to Dubai, the plane on which she was traveling stimulated the nose dive. The story wasn’t real; it was the story built by the Egyptian host namely Ramez Galal who was trying to expose her in thinking that it was true publicly. Hilton was seen shouting in the video.

She even stated that she wasn’t involved in that prank and also tweeted that she got scared of the incident.

2) Chris Pratt

The actor who was running from the dinosaurs in the Jurassic world and in real life too. Sylwester Wardega who is the prankster made some of the costumes of dinosaur to scare him. He even made the video, and it got around 150 million views over the internet.

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3) Tom Cruise


The famous actor and Katie Holmes ex were at the premiere of War of the Worlds. When the actor was in the interview, the random man squirted a pistol filled with water on him from which he felt disgusted. Later, he got arrested with the three men who were making the video.

4) Lady Gaga


The pop diva appeared on the show on MTV ‘Boiling Points’ in the year 2005 and she was just 19 years old by then. She could have taken $100 home if she controlled the anger on that waitress of the restaurant who took her food away and instead brought back in the trash.

 5) Rihanna


She released the video of ‘BBHMM,’ and she was seen playing a prank on Jimmy Kimmel. It can be seen in the clip that she wakes him up with the blasting song. She also throws money at him and later said that ‘I am the biggest fan of your April Fool’s prank so wanted to do this.’

6) Amy Schumer

She got fallen in front of the public and even said that all the press reporters went crazy and Kanye and Kim who was just standing there beside me, owning the carpet, being essential and short. So, I thought falling will be the best thing, so I just dived.

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7) Benedict Cumberbatch


He got targeted on ‘Star Trek into Darkness’ sets. The member of the team said that some of us asked him to apply the moisturizer as dots on all over the face, and he was shooting for the severe scene with those spots on him. He said that it was funny.

8) Emma Watson


On the Harry Potter set, Daniel came to the room of Watson to hide cushion in the blanket on which Watson stated we did so many pranks. Daniel once got the remote-controlled cushion and tried to play on Emma, but unfortunately, it didn’t work.

9) Paul Rudd


He came to promote his film, ‘This is 40,’so he went to Conan. He fooled him by showing the scene from old movie ‘Mac and Me.’

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(Source: Wittyfeed)

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