Some of the Weird Phobias You Don’t Know That Existed

Many common phobias are there like fear from a height, elevator, spiders, etc., but also there are so many of them that you’ll start scratching your head and think is this even real?  The phobias mentioned here exist and a lot of people are scared of them. So, let’s go through it.

1) Haphephobia

This is something of getting touched by anyone. Any person who has this fear feel that something will happen if someone touches them. The phobia is usually in the people who experienced physical or sexual abuse in their life and while describing they say that it feels like they are burning in fire.

2) Doraphobia

It is fear of touching the fur of an animal. They feel repulsed with the animal smell and also the way they feel when they touch them. Usually, they get a fear that they might get some disease after touching them.

3) Eremophobia

It is the fear of remaining alone. It is the word that came from Greek word ‘eremia’ which means desert. Any person who has this might always feel that someone should always be there around them and they feel something wrong will happen if they’ll remain alone. The problem reaches the maximum level, and these people might also get panic attacks.

4) Ergophobia

It is the aversion and fear of work. These types of people are not common, and they get scared because of their job and physical labor. It is because of the social concern and also the fear of getting failed and unable to complete the task on time.

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