Some of the Weird Phobias You Don’t Know That Existed

5) Hypnophobia

It is the phobia of sleeping. Anyone who has this feels that they might die in sleep or might get nightmares. This takes place with the people who have suffered from severe trauma in life, and now it is coming in their dreams like a nightmare.

6) Brontophobia

These people have a fear of lightning and thunders. Not only in humans, but this can also be developed in animals too. During this fear, people might feel anxiety and can even get panic because of the sound of a thunderstorm. This might also lead to hiding, crying, panic problems and sweating.

7) Taphephobia

It is the fear of being buried when they are alive. There have been a lot of cases of people who woke up suddenly after few minutes of clinical death. After that, this phobia developed that they might get buried alive. Although there are decidedly fewer chances of survival even after they get buried because of less oxygen, still people have this fear.

8) Selenophobia

It is the fear of getting scared of the moon. People who have this suffer from anxiety whenever full moon appears.  They are afraid of this because might be some people have said to them that something terrible happens when the full moon appears or trauma.

9) Phobophobia

It is the fear of developing fear itself. This phobia creates anxiety among the people who suffer from this. Their constant fear of getting fears leads them to panic attacks and usual symptoms of anxiety.

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