These Photos Prove That Photography Is Biggest Lie Ever

Here are the examples of photos that prove that photography is the most significant lie

4) Water reflection

After going through this photograph, you might think that the model is in the pool for the shoot. It is set up brilliantly. By looking at the second one, you’ll know how it is done. The photograph is shot with the model lying below the glass, and another object is filled with water. It is all about makeup and lightning.

5) Brilliant thought

Now after seeing this, people will think that the model is standing in front of the pool of splash. No doubt she is, but the splash is made by using the inexpensive technique. The assistant just jumped in the water creating a pool of splash.

6) A girl is enjoying rain

Showers are one of the best times to click photographs of nature and also the people enjoying it. It can be seen in the photo that a little girl is enjoying rain by sitting under the huge leaf and feeling the water of rain on hand. But, the truth is a girl is sitting under the leaf with the assistant splashing some water on her, and another one is pouring the artificial rain in the background.

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