Things That Women Love But They Are Too Afraid To Ask

Here are the things that women love but they are too afraid to ask

Half of the population of women only overthink, and it is natural. There are so many things that they like to do, but they are probably afraid to tell or ask for. The typical reason among this is that they don’t want to hurt the feelings of their boyfriend.

So in this case, it is the responsibility of their guy to understand the hints of their girl and must try hard to fulfill all their wishes. By doing this, you both will be having stronger as well as a relationship that will last for long. So boys, let’s get to know some of the things that women love but won’t say it.

1) Bubbly restrictions


The girl would love to do something limited, which also arouse many women. This entirely depends on how much she trusts her man.

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2) Blindfold: Cloth on her eyes

After 50 shades of grey got released, most of the women also got interested in the game of blindfold. She might be shy to say this in front of you, but you’ll get surprised with her talks if you bring this up during those private moments.

3) Make a sensual video

Most of the women love to catch those sexy as well as erotic moments that she spent with you on video, which she may watch when she is not with you. You may also see that if you are away from her or out of work. This will only make the relationship spicy.

4) Take her enchanting photos

Many women love when you take their photographs while they don’t know about it, by doing this they feel like they are beautiful and attractive to you and this can also turn them on. To add more spice to this, compliment her by saying you are photogenic.


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