This Photographer Traveled To 60 Countries And Took Pictures To Prove That Every Woman Is Beautiful.

#12. Istanbul, Turkey

Tutku is from Istanbul, Turkey. She experienced many heart breaking moments in her life, but her positive spirit always gave her the strength to move forward. Her mother had several miscarriages before giving birth to her. When she was a child, her father paralysed and Tutku had to start working for a living at an early age. Her determination paid off and a few years ago she became a chef. But again life hit her hard. One day Tutku totally lost her hearing. She went to many doctors but her case seemed hopeless. “Once, I was staying on my balcony. And I closed my eyes and said to myself: If, when I will open my eyes, I will see at least a bird on the sky that means I will hear again. I was afraid to open my teary eyes and I stayed a long time like that. When I finally had the courage to look on the sky, I saw two birds.” After a while Tutku received an innovative implant that provides a sense of sound. Now she can work again, as a chef, but her hearing is still weak and that’s a huge challenge in a busy restaurant. But Tutku didn’t complain, when we met. In the contrary: She was grateful for every second of her new life. #TheAtlasOfBeauty #AroundTheWorld #Turkey

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#13. Dushanbe, Tajikistan

#14. Wakhan Corridor, Afganistan

#15. Chichicastenango, Guatemala

#16. Berlin, Germany

Danielle, who has German and Mexican origins, lives in Berlin, where I met her last year. She’s doing office work, but her greatest passion is soccer. She grew up in the United States, raised by a single mother, and suffered many financial difficulties, but told me that her love for soccer always kept her out of trouble. #TheAtlasofBeauty #AroundTheWorld #Germany

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#17. Idomeni Refugee Camp, Greece

#18. Kurdistan, Iraq

#19. Greece

Kalliopi from Greece wears an amazing old costume, inherited from her grandmother. While all year long she wears modern clothes and works for her family business, every third day of Easter she goes back to another era. She dresses in this spectacular outfit and dances along other women, in a small square of Megara, her town, like their ancestors used to do many years ago. The dance, called Trata, is performed once per year by women from Megara and helped locals keep their traditions during the ottoman rule. Even today Greece preserves many of its ancient traditions and it’s really amazing to see that in a modern place. My journey in this fascinating country continues. #Greece #AroundTheWorld #TheAtlasOfBeauty

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#20. Tibet

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