This Photographer Traveled To 60 Countries And Took Pictures To Prove That Every Woman Is Beautiful.

#41. Cairo, Egypt

#42. Chengdu, China

#43. Mumbai, India

I met Neelam a few weeks ago, in Mumbai, India. Since her childhood she's living in a tent, together with her family, next to a big market. Her father died, but her brave mother, who sells in the market, kept her in school with all the efforts. Even if her home is a sidewalk, I rarely saw such a warmth-hearted person, with such a positive energy and good education. She was not complaining about anything, she was not asking anything. Her smile, her dignity, her wisdom were a strong life lesson to me. I really felt privileged to meet such a beautiful person. And I also felt privileged for every single night I spent in a proper home. When I asked what is her biggest dream, she said she wants to study, to find a good job. That's all. But I think, deep in her soul, she was dreaming about a proper home too. I sent her story to different newspapers from India, I talked with an NGO and some trustworthy people want to help her. I really hope this photo will make a change in her life. I’m sure you also know at least a person like Neelam and maybe she/he also need a little bit of help. And it’s not always about money, but sometimes about setting a long-lasting path for the future. #TheAtlasOfBeauty #India #AroundTheWorld

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#44. Maramures, Romania

#45. Sichuan Province, China

Tibetan women are famous for their gorgeous outfits, both traditional and stylish. I took this photo in Sichuan Province, China, in September. #TheAtlasOfBeauty #AroundTheWorld

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#46. Istanbul, Turkey

#49. Harar, Ethiopia

I took this photo in Harar, Ethiopia, three weeks ago.

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#50. Bishkek, Kyrgyztan

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