What Made Heath Ledger’s Joker So Great And Iconic?

8 Amazing Facts About Heath Ledger’s Joker Proving Why He’s Iconic

1) Ledger himself created the makeup design of the Joker


He was aware of the thing that the makeup of a character like the Joker was challenging to implement by anyone else. So, for the entire duration of filming the makeup crew kept on copying the creation of Heath.

2) Ledger spent a whopping 43 days to get used to the character of the Joker


He gave his best to get into the character by practicing the voice of the character as well as practicing the sinister laugh that was played in the movie.

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3) Heath quickly turned on and turned off the dark headspace while he was portraying the character in the movie.


A lot of members and cast of the movie were amazed about the fact that how quickly come in and come out of the character in the film.

4) Heath made sure that his character in the movie was as real as possible.


In one of the scenes of the movie, the batman was supposed to hit the joker. Heath conveyed Christian Bale to strike him so that the move looked realistic.

5) Heath carried a diary during the movie shot which had all the details related to the character of a joker.


It is known that the diary contained all the sadistic moments such as horrific incident news, sadistic moments and perhaps everything that helped him play the character of a joker. Furthermore, by the reports, it has been known that Heath wrote a “ Bye Bye” quote in his diary.

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6) Ledger used to wear full costumes, even on the days when the filming was not recorded.


He used to talk a lot with the crews. The makeup artist in the movie said that Heath always had good humor. He was very calm and composed, and he was never mean to anyone.

7) In one of the hospital scene of the movie, he dressed in a nurse’s costumes whose name was Matilda.


It has been known that Heath has the idea of wearing the costume of the nurse and it was indeed the tribute to his daughter.

8) Ledger inquired about the character in the movie from Jack Nicholson before opting for the role


Jack told Ledger that the character of the Joker was indeed tricky and it perhaps haunted him. He also said that the role was very dark and he may have to witness sleepless nights.

(source: Providr)

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