Women Shared Their Hoe Stories On The Internet And Men Can’t Keep Their Calm!

So basically there is A, B, and C and she slept with the whole crew!


Okay, so that is the most cruelly deceiving thing you did there! 


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So, the ladies were having real fun over tea time while reading the sexual experiences of other women. But as always, Some men felt that it was their duty to show their contempt and judgment towards these women.


Oloni told ATTN, “The reaction from women has been amazing.” “They love it and want more, they’re also pondering on whether or not their sex life is interesting after reading the thread. The men on the other side seem heartbroken and full of emotions. I’ve seen a lot claim to have trust issues, lol. Now they know how we feel.”

Basically, when it comes to sex. Men still get away and women are still judged for sleeping with multiple partners. The notion that women who sleep with multiple guys are characterless has been for over hundreds of years and has seen little to no progress. And the replies below would show that we are actually outdated when it’s a matter of Women’s sexual life.

Yeah, What about your mother!


Talking about your head?

And then you are the angels we guess?




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